Costa's Family Fun Park
Costa's Family Fun Park


Business policies and procedures.

Please help us to keep our park a great place for families. Be safe and have fun.

  1. The park is a non-smoking campus. Please allow children to enjoy a smoke free environment.
  2. Well-behaved, leashed pets are welcome. Please do not allow pets to enter the restaurant or the pools. Please clean up after your pet.
  3. Please do not bring alcohol to the park or come while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  4. Shirts, Shorts and Shoes are required in all areas but the water slide and bumper boat attractions.
  5. No picnic lunches.
  6. No offensive language.
  7. Special accommodation is available to persons with disabilities upon request.

Management reserves the right to refuse service.


Please do not come to Costa's Family Fun Park if you are feeling ill. It is very important that we maintain the health and safety of our employees and guests. Masks are not required while visiting the park but you are welcome to do so if you wish. We encourage you to wash your hands often or use the sanitizer products available throughout the park. We will continue to regularly clean and sanitize all areas of the park.


For your safety and health, all park guests are required to wear shoes, shorts and shirts at all times. As a courtesy to others, modest dress is expected of all guests and revealing or offensive clothing are not considered appropriate. Bikini tops, bikini bottoms, Speedo bikinis, thongs and brief halter tops are not considered appropriate attire while in the park. While playing in the bumper boat and water slide areas, swimsuits may be worn, but after completion of these rides, we ask that you change to more appropriate attire (e.g. shorts, shirt) prior to moving to or participating in other areas.

Swimwear in not appropriate attire for the restaurant. Please be sure to cover up as a courtesy to others when dining.

Costa's Family Fun Park reserves the right to address these issues with all guests. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Patron Responsibility

There are inherent risks in the participation in or on any amusement ride, device or attraction. Patrons of an amusement ride, device or attraction, by participation, accept the risks inherent in such participation of which the ordinary prudent person is or should be aware. Patrons have a duty to exercise good judgement and act in a responsible manner while using the amusement ride, device or attraction and to obey all oral or written warnings, or both, prior to or during participation, or both. Patrons have a duty to refrain from participating in or on any amusement ride, device or attraction when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Patrons have a duty to properly use all ride or device safety equipment provided.

Caution: Some or all of our rides or amusements may not be suitable for patrons with breathing conditions, heart conditions, epilepsy, neck or back problems or pregnant women. Please know your limitations. If you choose to participate, you do so at your own risk.

By purchasing a ticket or wristband from Costa's Family Fun Park, you agree to the following contract:

I understand that there are inherent and other risks in using the recreational facilities located at Costa's Family Fun Park. I agree and understand that using these facilities can cause injuries sometimes serious or even fatal, to myself and/or others. In consideration of using the facilities, I agree not to sue Costa’s Family Fun Park or it's employees if I am hurt while using its facilities. I agree that all disputes arising under this contract and/or from my use of the facilities at Costa’s Family Fun Park shall be litigated exclusively in the Court of Common Pleas of Pike County or the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

The Purchaser or user of any ticket or wristband voluntarily assumes the risk of the injury while participating in this recreation.

The Rides in this Park have been Inspected as Required by the Pennsylvania Amusement Ride Inspection Act.